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Spandorfer J, Pohl C, Nasca T, Rattner SL, eds. Professionalism in Medicine : A Case-Based Guide for Medical Students. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press; 2010.

Thomas Jefferson University

Video: Principle of Patient Autonomy


A surgical resident and fourth year medical student on rounds see a patient scheduled for an elective femoral-popliteal bypass. The patient looks at them anxiously and says "I hope that Dr. White is doing the entire operation. I know you are both here to learn, but I came to this hospital because Dr. White is the best and I only want him to operate on me." The resident explains that Dr. White will be doing the entire procedure and he will be assisting and the student will be watching. Near the completion of the operation, Dr. White turns to the student and asks her to help close the incision.


Parts played by Russell Brand, Robert Hargraves, Querida Kennedy, and Hy Kaplan
Production by Robert Hargraves, Patrick Gilligan, Dale Berg, and John Spandorfer